Archive: October 2014

Do you currently have a vacancy in your room?

If so, you have multiple options! Students living in the Terraces, Emerson Hall, Clarke Hall and the apartments may request to buyout a space in their room.  

Each resident with a vacancy in their room can pay $643 to buyout one vacancy in the room for the entire year or you can fill out a vacancy request form to pull someone into your room. If you do not have a friend to pull into your room or do not want to buy the space out, we will offer your vacancy to students on the fall wait list. Forms are available in our office on the lobby level of the East Tower.


 The off campus approval process for the 2015-2016 academic year will start on October 27th and will end on October 31st.  The only students who will be eligible to apply to live off campus are students who are in the process of completing their 3rd or 4th semester of college.  Please log onto HomerConnect to verify your completed semesters.  Please read the information below regarding your eligibility to live off campus. 


For the 2014-2015 academic year, the Office of Residential Life will be piloting an expanded break housing program during Thanksgiving, Spring, and portions of the Winter break periods.