Off-Campus Housing

How to Apply for Off-Campus Approval

There is only one Off-campus Process held each year with off-campus status approvals considered only for the entire academic year: Fall and Spring semesters. Students who will be away from campus during the Fall semester who desire to live off campus during the Spring semester must apply and receive approval to live off campus during the Off-campus Process prior to their departure.

Rising sophomores and juniors (students who will have lived 0-4 semesters in campus housing by the end of the Fall semester of the current academic year) may apply for off-campus approval during the Fall Housing Selection process. Students may apply individually or as part of a group.

Each student listed on an application must submit all of the following elements before any student listed on the application will be considered for approval:

  • An Off Campus Application.
  • Successfully complete the module, "Putting the Pieces Together: Being a Responsible Member of the Ithaca Community." (Note: On passing the quiz at the end of the module, a student will be asked to enter his or her name and Ithaca College ID number before pressing the "Submit" button. The confirming E-mail will be automatically sent to will contain that identifying information only if it is supplied).

Applications are available now, and all application materials must be submitted by 12:00 p.m. on Friday, November 15, 2013 in order to receive full consideration for off-campus approval.  Applications received after November 15th at noon will be considered based on time and date received.

The primary process for off-campus application is typically held during the fall semester, however at the discretion of the Office of Residential Life we sometimes make a decision to hold a smaller process for the off-campus wait list during the spring semester.