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Crime Prevention

The chance of becoming a victim of crime can be substantially reduced through common-sense precautions:

  • Keep outside doors locked even when at home.
  • Lock your windows when you are not home.
  • Don't advertise your schedule (e.g., leave a note on the door as to when you will return).
  • Pull shades or drapes after dark.
  • Leave some lights on when you are gone.
  • Be sure valuables are permanently marked with an identifying number (not your SSN), and record all serial numbers.
  • Look outside before opening your door.
  • Never let strangers in the door. If it is a repair or service representative, call the property owner or company to insure they are supposed to be there. Always insist on proper identification!
  • Do not allow a stranger to spend the night no matter how sad the story.
  • Have key in hand as you approach your door.
  • Don't leave a valuable (e.g., iPhone, notebook PC, purse) where it can be seen through a window.
  • Get to know your neighbors. If you look out for them, they'll look out for you.
  • Get renter's insurance if you are not covered under your parents' homeowner's policy. Personal furnishings are not covered by a landlord's insurance!
  • If any problem occurs, call the police immediately. Keep their non-emergency phone number in a conspicuous place, but never hesitate to call 9-1-1.