Finding a Place to Live

Tenant and Landlord Responsibilities

The renting of a living facility includes responsibilities on the part of you as a tenant and of your landlord. It is important that you know the responsibilities of both so that problems can be avoided.

Landlord's Responsibilities

  • Provide a place that is habitable.
  • Provide facilities for hot water, heat, and gas or electricity (unless the tenant agrees to provide them).
  • Avoid interfering with the tenant's quiet enjoyment of the premises so long as use of the premises is lawful and not damaging.
  • Put security deposits in a separate bank account.
  • Promptly return the security deposit in the time and manner required.

Tenant's Responsibilities

  • Pay rent and a security deposit if requested.
  • Not damage the premises.
  • Maintain the occupied portion of the premises in a clean, sanitary, and safe condition.
  • Inform the landlord of the need for repairs.
  • Avoid interfering with neighbors (see Joining a Community).