Finding a Place to Live

Where to Look

Newspapers: The Ithaca Journal and the Cornell Daily Sun are a daily publications which lists rooms, apartments, and houses for rent in their classified sections. The Ithaca Times, The Ithacan and the Ithaca Pennysaver are weekly publications which have classified ads that often contain apartment listings or people looking for roommates. The Ithaca Journal can be purchased locally anywhere that newspapers are sold. The Cornell Daily Sun, The Ithaca Times and The Ithacan are free and are available at newsstands and in the lobby of Egbert Hall. The Ithaca Pennysaver is distributed by mail with copies available in a variety of campus locations.

Cornell University maintains a searchable Off-campus Housing Listing Service. Endorsements or recommendations of any particular property owner, landlord or housing units are not made by Cornell University. Cornell University takes no responsibility for the condition or location of the advertised  housing.

Internet Listing Services: There are a large number of apartment listing services on the Internet which can be found using any search engine (e.g., Google,, Yahoo). Few of these services accept responsibility for the accuracy of their listings, so caveat emptor. While most Internet property listings are posted legitimately, be aware that some are posted by individuals with motives other than renting an apartment. Take precautions when responding to a listing as to the information you share, the time of day you agree to see a property, and take a friend and your cell phone to the property. If you feel uneasy about the person before or during the appointment, don't hesitate to cancel or walk away.

Word of mouth is another good source. Students living off campus have a good idea of what is available in their residence or in the area. They may also be able to refer you to their landlord or other landlords who might have available places in the area, and steer you clear of properties that are less than satifactory places to live.