Getting Ready to Move off Campus

Before You Rent

If you choose to live off campus, remember that wherever you rent, you are moving into someone's neighborhood. There are simple common-sense courtesies that will make your home life more pleasant for you and for everyone around you.

Before you consider renting a property, be aware of the character of the neighborhood. Do you want to move into an area of young families with small children? Are you looking in a neighborhood with a high percentage of elderly residents? Consider your life-style. Will it be compatible with that of those already living there?

Check the zoning to make sure that your landlord is conforming with legal occupancy limits. For instance, in R-2 zones (which constitute much of the city's residential area), single-family homes can be occupied by no more than three unrelated people. If your dwelling is in violation, the city can require the landlord to reduce the number of occupants by evicting you or one of your roommates.

Consider your parking needs. If the apartment does not come with a parking space or sufficient parking for the number of tenant vehicles, will the landlord will rent additional space(s)? Is other convenient parking available or will your vehicle be a problem to park?

The City and Town of Ithaca have adopted stringent ordinances limiting the level of noise permitted to carry?beyond the property line within the Residential Zone. Legally, "unreasonable noise" is an excessive or unusually loud sound which either annoys, disturbs, injures or endangers the comfort, repose, health, peace or safety of the public, or which causes injury to animal life, or causes damage to property or business. However, to your community, "unreasonable noise" will be more how the neighborhood will feel about the type and volume of noise you make.