FYRE Theme Programs

In addition to a wide range of social activities planned by your RA for your floor and building communities, as a first-year Ithaca College student, you will have the opportunity to meet even more students by participating in your FYRE community through FYRE Theme Programs - programs planned by your assigned FYRE Associate to explore your Integrative Core Curriculum (ICC) theme.

FYRE Theme Programs are not only a way to explore your ICC theme more deeply, but are also an excellent way to connect with your FYRE Associate and other students you may not have otherwise met.

Your FYRE Associate is an Ithaca College Faculty or staff member who has agreed to serve as a resource and mentor to first-year students. There are 6-8 FYRE Associates assigned by theme for each cluster of FYRE residence halls. The FYRE clusters are:

  • Boothroyd, Rowland, Tallcott
  • Hilliard, Hood, Holmes
  • Eastman, Lyon
  • Landon, Bogart, Clarke
  • West Tower
  • East Tower

In every FYRE residence hall, each of the six ICC themes are represented by both the students who call it home, Theme RAs, and the programmatic opportunities hosted by FYRE Associates. Each semester, there are at least four theme programming events for students in EACH of the six ICC themes in EACH of the six residence hall clusters. That means, minimally, 36 theme programs are hosted in each residence hall cluster each semester with the specific goal of creating community, developing peer-relationships, facilitating relationships between students and faculty/staff, enhancing theme exploration, and achieving the FYRE learning outcomes. Over the course of an academic year, that’s over 200 educational programs hosted for first-year students.

Each semester, we expect first-year students to attend AT LEAST TWO theme programs. We hope that students attend theme programs hosted by their assigned FYRE Associate and Theme RA, but any student can attend any theme program that fits their schedule. There is no consequence if a student does not attend a theme program. The Office of Residential Life will follow up with those students who do not attend theme programs to encourage future participation, not to penalize the student.

Can a student attend programs in a different residence hall cluster or within a different ICC theme?

Yes!  We do encourage students to attend programs hosted by their FYRE Associate and Theme RA because a big part of FYRE is developing a relationship with those Ithaca Faculty and Staff members; however, we know that sometimes these events won’t fit a student’s unique schedule and therefore welcome any first-year student at any theme program. In fact, when a theme program is hosted, we make sure card access is set to let in other FYRE students who would like to attend.

How do students find out about FYRE theme programs?

All FYRE Theme Programs are advertised as follows:

  1. Email directly to the student from the FYRE Associate, Theme RA, and/or FYRE
  2. Program flyers within the building cluster
  3. On the FYRE event website

Some programs are also advertised through Facebook. Additionally, students can always talk to their RA, email FYRE@ithaca.edu, or call Residential Life at 607-274-3141 with questions.