Meet the Staff in FYRE

There are a number of staff in FYRE who are available to answer your questions, assist you with navigating college resources, and to help provide an enjoyable first-year experience.

Assistant Director for Residential Education
The Assistant Director for Residential Education is a full-time staff member who works in the Residential Life Central Office (East Tower) and provides leadership for the entire FYRE Program.

Resident Assistants (RAs)
You will find an RA on every floor/wing in the FYRE Program.  RAs are returning student leaders who are available to answer your questions and point you in the direction of important campus resources.  RAs sponsor a variety of social activities to help promote a strong community.

Residence Director (RD)
The RD is a full-time professional staff member who lives in the residence halls and supervises the RA staff team. The RD is a resource who is available for your questions and personal/academic support.

FYRE Associate
FYRE Associates are Ithaca College Faculty or Staff members who are selected to work with students as part of the First-Year Residential Experience (FYRE).  FYRE Associates are responsible for a cohort of first-year students based on Residence Hall cluster and theme; there are 50 FYRE Associates working with first-year students living in FYRE buildings this academic year.

As part of the Integrated Core Curriculum (ICC), there are six ICC themes that a FYRE Associate might lead: (1) Identities (TIDE); (2) Inquiry, Imagination, & Innovation (TIII); (3) Mind, Body, Spirit (TMBS); (4) Quest for a Sustainable Future (TQSF); (5) A World of Systems (TWOS); and, (6) Power and Justice (TPJ).  Each FYRE Associate works within these themes to plan at least six programs a year and hosts learning opportunities within the Residence Halls for students in their group.  FYRE Associates are integral players to FYRE’s Academic Connections program; they provide complimentary learning to the theme exploration that occurs in a student’s Ithaca Seminar class.
Here is a list of this year's FYRE Associates:

If you are interested in becoming a FYRE Associate, are a first-year student with questions about your FYRE Associate, or have other questions about this topic, please contact Dr. Jacqueline Robilotta, Assistant Director for Residential Education, at

If you have more questions about the First-Year Residential Experience program, you may contact us at, or through one of the following staff members.  You may reach our office at 607-274-3141.