Awards and Honors

Jon Hilton/Hiltronex Sound Pro Tools Award

The Awards:

Category 1:
A professional entry-level Pro Tools LE Mini system with current (PT 8) and up-gradable software. The student will own the license. If needed, a short review of Pro Tools operation will be offered to help the student get up and running.

Category 2:
A copy of the Roxio Toast Data/Audio/DVD/Video/Conversion Software; and the Discus 4 graphics & CD labeling program. This prize is aimed toward those who may already own Pro Tools or simply do a lot of music and video production work.

Category 3:
A M-Audio Key Rig 49 USB Keyboard for those musically-inclined that want to use scoring/MIDI programs such as Garage Band, PT, Logic or Digital Performer.


Open to ALL students interested in production, not just majors.

Application Procedure:

  • Students can only submit ONE entry and MUST INDICATE the one prize category for which they are entering!
  • Students should submit audio work that he or she feels significantly demonstrates his or her understanding of: audio for the PT Mini; or media that pertains to another chosen prize category.
  • Entries must be on audio CDs or video DVD’s with supporting documentation such as scripts, description of production, technical notes or comments. Accompanying Data CDs of Pro Tools sessions will be accepted.
  • Students should submit a written statement of 200 words or less describing the student’s interest and experience in audio and why the student feels she or he deserves, or needs: a Pro Tools LE system; or other prize hardware or software that pertains to the chosen prize category.
  • All materials submitted for consideration should be clearly marked with applicant’s name and contact information.


  • Judges will be looking and listening for: student productions demonstrating technical and aesthetic qualities that reflect professional potential based upon standards currently accepted in the audio production profession. Judges also will assess the written statement for evidence of interest in audio in having a ProTools license or other prize hardware or software.
  • Defective or unreadable CDs and DVD’s will not be considered. Judges reserve the right to not give an award if none of the entries demonstrate a sufficient level of professionalism. Judges’ decisions are final. Materials will not be returned.


All materials must be delivered to the TVR Department Office, Park 356. Deadline for Fall 2011 will be announced at a later date.


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