Internship Profiles

Brittany Gilpin '12Brittany Gilpin '12
PMK*BNC, Los Angeles, Calif.

By Alyssa C. Frey '14

Many first-year students dream of snatching that perfect GPA and landing their dream job right after college. However, not many can claim they’ve done both. Brittany Gilpin ’12, a journalism major with a double minor in Honors and Psychology, is one of those lucky few.

Gilpin currently works as a talent assistant at entertainment marketing communications firm PMK*BNC in Los Angeles, Calif. She was offered the job after interning at the company during her semester at the college’s Los Angeles program.

During her internship, Gilpin feels her attitude towards academia transferred to her work, claiming she was the company’s “yes girl” while in LA.

“I literally did everything with a smile, no matter how big or small the task,” Gilpin said. “I stayed late almost every day with the other publicists while we prepped for major events, which gave me a lot of one-on-one time to build relationships and network with my colleagues. I volunteered for every event and opportunity, often secretly moving around my personal schedule just so that I could attend.”

Gilpin notes that her hardworking attitude paid off in the end, not only with the job offer but also the high-status events she was able to work as a senior in college.

“As an intern, my supervisors had me working on the red carpets of the Primetime Emmy Awards, the Creative Arts Awards, the American Music Awards, and more,” Gilpin said.

Gilpin feels her 4.0 also gave her an “edge” during the interview process at both summer internships and jobs. At her interview for The Knot, she’d never had an internship before, but used her grades to illustrate her diligence.

“I used my 4.0 to demonstrate that I could master new or challenging material and that I am dedicated to perfecting my craft,” Gilpin said.

Gilpin attributes being hired at her current job to both her grades and department professors. Gilpin’s grades showed her boss that she is “organized, detail-organized and efficient,” three traits she states are necessary for a great assistant. Conversely, Professor Mead Loop helped her to grow as a student and be confident in her journalistic abilities.

“[Prof. Loop] encouraged me to move forward [after a negative incident], forget about the negativity, and trust in myself to be successful,” Gilpin said. “I know that I would not be where I am today without his words of encouragement and his wholehearted belief in me.”

To students who are nervous about finding that perfect job right after graduation as she did, Gilpin advises one thing: intern, intern, intern.

“If you’re a standout intern and touch base with your former colleagues every few months, you’ll have no problem finding work upon graduation,” Gilpin said.


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