Faculty and Staff Participation

Producing Results: Diversity PSAProducing Results: Diversity PSA
In Professor Steve Gordon's production class, his students wrote and produced diversity PSA's with themes like inclusion and overcoming stereotypes.

In his TVR115 production class, Professor Steve Gordon assigned a project for which his students wrote and produced diversity PSA’s. The assignment began with a lecture and discussion about diversity and specific issues that may affect this school. Over the next two sessions, each student identified a particular issue of diversity to write about and Professor Gordon selected two for production. The class was divided and each group produced their spot. Professor Gordon thought the results were excellent and plans to submit the complete PSA's to ICTV in addition to expanding the project for future courses. 

One PSA, "Say Hey" was about "inclusion" and the other "Into the Light" was about "stereotype" and "inside, we are all the same."