Faculty and Staff Participation

Workshop on Diversity AwarenessWorkshop on Diversity Awareness
The Center for Faculty Excellence hosted a workshop with renowned documentary filmmaker, diversity trainer, and anti-racist educator Lee Mun Wah.

The Center for Faculty Excellence hosted a workshop on diversity awareness with Lee Mun Wah, Executive Director of Stir Fry Seminars, a California based diversity training company. As a documentary filmmaker, he has produced several award winning films used in educational institutions and corporations to combat racism. Lee Mun Wah was invited to Ithaca College for a series of events, including a public screening and discussion of two of his videos The Color of Fear and If These Halls Could Talk, and workshops with faculty, staff and administrators, and students.

Dr. Cory Young, Assistant Professor of Communication Management and Design, has been a fan of Mr. Lee Mun Wah’s films and has showed them in her Diversity and Organizational Culture graduate class. She was excited to meet him in person, and in describing the workshop stated that Mr. Lee Mun Wah “challenged our perceptions of ourselves and others through deeply personal conversations and interactive activities. At the end, he reminded us that our ignorance is not a permanent affliction, that we can combat our tendency to be racist by practicing mindful communication.”