Student Participation

Graduate ProgramGraduate Program
Our graduate study in communications is personalized: only about 15-20 new students from around the world enter the program each year.

Students in the master's degree program come from diverse backgrounds, enriching the academic experience for all, and allowing them to learn from one another.

One-third of the class is international, representing countries such as France, India, China, Korea, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Bulgaria, Thailand, Hong Kong, Kazakhstan, Greece, and Uruguay.

Students come to the program with variety of undergraduate degrees in disciplines such as history, politics, and business. Other students bring their professional background in corporate and organizational communication, offering a wide variety of viewpoints and context.

Some have recently graduated from college, others are working professionals or those building a second career. Approximately one-fourth of the students attend part-time while continuing to work in their field. Ages range from 23 to over 50.