Alumni Mentor Program

Mentoring Expectations

Mentoring Expectations for the Student

-          What are your goals for this mentoring relationship? What do you hope to achieve through the mentorship?


-          What actions can you and your mentor take to achieve these goals?


-          What kind of mentor would you like?


-          Most mentees meet with their mentor via telephone. If you desire in-person meetings, request a mentor in your target area.  Or, consider a mentor in the city where you are interested in working.




-          Don’t delay. Once you get a mentor match, contact your mentor (email or phone) within a week.


-          Officially, the mentor/mentee relationship is the school year, but may extend longer. 

-          A starting point is to attach your resume to your initial email to introduce your background.


-          Establish when and how you will contact each other


-          Can you set up a schedule of phone meetings?




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