Alumni Mentor Program


What is a mentor?

Ithaca College alumni mentors can help pave the way to success for students, and derive satisfaction from helping them succeed. The Park School’s program is currently for students in their junior and senior years. 

The mentor can be a support who:

Encourages open dialogue starting with expectations of the mentoring arrangement.

Builds student’s self-esteem.

Listens to the needs of the mentee.

Motivates the student to acquire information, and encourages them to try new things.

Advises on how to make professional contacts.

May introduce the student to ideas such as professional associations, websites, journals.


The first conversation

The mentee makes the initial contact, and making the first call or email can be intimidating for a student. Some guidelines:

Express enthusiasm. Sharing enthusiasm will help reassure the student.

Establish expectations and a couple of goals.

Make sure to decide on when and how you will communicate with each other.


If the mentee is unresponsive at any point in the relationship it may because they have gotten caught up in schoolwork and activities. They may forget to contact you. An email reminding them about your next conversation can make a difference.




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