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Meghan Ciminera 14Meghan Ciminera 14
Clear Channel Media and Entertainment, Bala Cynwyd, PA

Meg Ciminera, a Communication Management and Design major with a corporate communications concentration, spent the summer of 2012 interning with Clear Channel Media and Entertainment, which owns 850 radio stations in 150 cities.

Meg considered interning with Clear Channel Media when she learned that the company operated the radio stations she listened to. At first, she felt a little apprehensive about whether she would be accepted for the internship position. “Clear Channel’s application was much more intimidating than other internship applications I had filled out,” Meg says. She wrote two essays, presented three letters of recommendation, filled in an application form and was finally interviewed. Meg was then welcomed to join the Promotions and Sales Department’s team, where the interviewers thought she would best fit in.

Meg worked under the supervision of the assistant director of the Promotions department, who was responsible for the three most popular radio stations. “I was honored and knew I would receive a lot of hands on experience, not to mention I would be working directly with my favorite station,” she says. As the personal assistant of the assistant director, Meg worked on numerous tasks, including calling winners of contests, and the listeners who won the chance to attend studio sessions. Her duties related to the studio sessions included creating the guest lists. “The studio sessions were definitely the most exciting part of the internship,” she recalls. “I would get the opportunity to see all the different types of personalities of the musicians, how the managers handled their talent and in some cases even received one on one time with the artists,” she  adds.

Meg was also responsible for occasional  poster creation for radio sponsored events as well as going off site and working events. Meg was given the opportunity to produce a segment of her choice and chose a  Cornell Veterinary student's animal rescue campaign. Meg produce the segment, edited it and added music.

Meg says she  achieved her goals. "I had the chance to take on responsibilities I never imagined would be offered to me. I was trusted with a chance to prove myself as an adult and a diligent intern," she says. She  had a great experience as an intern for this company and was happy that her summer was spent in a productive manor.

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