Major Media Conglomerates

Many of you may be interested in applying to internships connected to major media conglomerates. While our primary method for applying to said internships. Below is a list of links that may be helpful in your search.
TIP: APPLY EARLY!! Be as SPECIFIC as possible when given the opportunity to describe your interests. If you are interested in working on a particular facet of their company (ex: television show, film company, website), mention it! You will have a better chance of getting your resume into the right hands.


In order to qualify for an internship with NBCUniversal, you must fill out an application on their website. Internships are offered in the following fields: News & Journalism, Legal, Marketing & Publicity, Digital Media & Graphic Arts, Corporate (HR, Finance, etc.), Telemundo & Mun2, Ad Sales, TV Production/Development/Programming, Film Production & Development, and Focus Features. There is also a link on this site to apply for internships at KNBC, the local affiliate station for NBC. Upload your resume ASAP – opportunities will arise for fall internships during the summer.

Comcast Entertainment Group 
(E!, Style Network, G4)

This website is fairly self-explanatory. Select “Production Jobs,” then proceed to select “Los Angeles” and “Internships” and press Search. Keep checking back for updated internship opportunities!


Much like NBC Universal, you must submit an online application in order to be considered for an internship at ABC/Disney. To submit your information, please visit the link listed above and then navigate to the “Openings” page (link of the left of the homepage). In order to just see an internship listing, select any that apply from the “Market Title” pull down menu. Be sure to select “California” from the State menu before proceeding with the search. This will lead you to a more in-depth description of the internship of your choice, detailing the application process. Typically these internships are paid – and very competitive. Apply ASAP.

To see and apply for internships at the local ABC 7 affiliate station, go to and scroll to the bottom of the page.

MTV Networks (Viacom)

The above website will forward you along to the “Job Hunt” homepage. Follow the link for “Internships” provided on the left, and you will find the exact procedures for applying to internships for the various affiliates of Viacom. Be sure to check out the internships for Burbank, CA and Santa Monica, CA.

Sony Pictures Entertainment

Website: The above website will lead you to a variety of internship opportunities at Sony affiliated companies. Internships are offered in Marketing, Web Publishing, Special Events, Post Production, and many others.

Fox Network

After you visit the above website, select “Internships” from the Job Category menu. There is no need to select any other specifications. You will be forwarded to a website with a wide array of opportunities. Again, be sure that you are looking at Los Angeles-based internships.

Time Warner

To navigate to the internship listings for all Time Warner owned companies, enter "internship" in the “Search for Jobs” box on the homepage. You can also go to the "Advanced Search" button, and limit your search by selecting "Internship/Trainee" in the “Browse by Interest” menu, and "California" in the "State" menu. NOTE: Menlo Park, San Diego and San Francisco are NOT within commuting distance!