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Now Is The Winter: Screenings

PROGRAM 1: Moscow and St. Petersburg, Russia

Now is The Winter, curated by Michael Robinson
May 21st, 2007: State Contemporary Art Centre (8pm)
May 24th, 2007: Proekt_Fabrika (5pm)
May 28th, 2007: Smolniy College, St. Petersburg

PROGRAM 2: Cornell Cinema, Ithaca, NY

Next Horizon, curated by Masha Godovannaya
October 26, 2007: Willard Straight Hall, Cornell University (7pm)

Together We Slope, curated by Michael Robinson
October 27, 2007 (5:00pm): Willard Straight Hall, Cornell University

Now Is The Winter:
Curated by Chicago-based artist and curator Michael Robinson, this program of contemporary U.S. film and video work circulates around the notion of moral freeze, considering the problem via the specific aesthetic and structural concerns of the cinematic. As our world becomes increasingly dominated by narrative media, it has become a crucial task of media art to subvert the expectations of narrative, conjuring analyses of control through the reassessment and rearrangement of aesthetics themselves. Thus, the socio-political and personal phenomena of distance (and disenfranchisement) are evoked through the presentation and subtle dismantling of our cultures’ most prevalent languages of seduction, entertainment and control.

Next Horizon:
A program of recent Russian experimental film, video and animation. This program is the latest in an on-going series organized by St. Petersburg-based filmmaker and curator Masha Godovannaya, dedicated to the exposition of new independent and experimental works by Russian film and video artists. Next Horizon is not intended to give a complete overview of contemporary Russian experimental media work but rather to serve as a showcase for new artists working through and against the legacies of Russian and international avant-garde practices. This program of 15 short works by 12 artists proposes a range of poetic languages that share a laconic sensibility in their communiques to the outside world.

“Next Horizon”
(a program of Russian experimental film and video)

Boris Kazakov “Alphabet” 4 min., 35mm on video, sound, 2004
Bluesoup group “Mute”, 4 min., video, sound, 1998
Masha Godovannaya “Untitled #1”, 4 min., s8mm on video, sound, 2005
Dmitriy Trofimov, Anzhela Ashihmina “Morocco: a post-card” 1:05 min., video, sound, 2006
Boris Kazakov “The Nestlings Of The Sea”, 6 min., 35mm on video, sound, 1995
Aristarkh Chernyshev, Vladislav Efimov “The Black Plowman”, 2 min., video, sound, 2002
Nodari Fedorov “Road of Life” 12 min., video, sound, 2005
Sonia Nelubina “Horsa-la”, 4 min., video, sound, 2001
Dmitriy Trofimov ”Mechanisms”, 3 min., video, sound, 2005
Yevgeny Yufit ”Woodcutter”, 6 min., 16mm on video, sound, 1985
Leonid Tishkov “Nikodim”, 6 min., video, sound, 2001
Kirilll Shuvalov, Vladimir Rannev “Room 3806” 5 min., video, sound, 2004
Vladimir Kobrin “Krotoskobrizmus”, 5 min, video, sound, 1997
Dmitriy Trofimov, Anzhela Ashihmina “Petra: a post-card” 2 min., video, sound, 2005
Platon Infante-Arana “Saliery” 14 min., 35mm on video, sound, 2002

total: 78 min.

Together We Slope:
(more information is available on the Cornell Cinema website)

In turns enthralling, disturbing and elegiac, this collection of recent American film and video, curated by Michael Robinson, highlights experimental works that express a loss of agency, either personal or collective, as related to the moral freeze of today's socio-political climate. Through poetic engagements with their mediums, these artists conjure analyses of control without use of standard documentary modes, but through the reassessment and rearrangement of cinema's aesthetics themselves. Thus, the phenomena of distance and disenfranchisement are evoked through a beautifully subtle dismantling of our cultures' most prevalent language of seduction, entertainment and control. Featuring work by Stephanie Barber, Jacqueline Goss, Rebecca Meyers, Shana Moulton, Julie Murray, Luther Price, and Ben Russell.

"Together We Slope"

Rebecca Meyers "Things We Want To See" 6:00 min., 16mm, 2004
Jacqueline Goss "How To Fix The World" 28:00 min., video, 2004
Stephanie Barber "Total Power: Dead Dead Dead" 3:00 min., 16mm, 2005
Ben Russell "Black and White Trypps Number Three" 12:00 min., 35mm, 2007
Julie Murray "I Began To Wish" 5:00 min., 16mm, 2003
Shana Moulton "Whispering Pines #'s 6-8" 18:00 min., 2006
Luther Price "Dipping Sause" 10:00 min., 16mm, 2005

2003-2007, color, approx. 1 hour 20 minutes, USA