Archive: March 2016

Submitted on behalf of Provost Benjamin Rifkin:

Patricia Zimmermann, professor of screen studies and codirector of the Finger Lakes Environmental Film Festival, has been selected for the Roster of Fulbright Specialists.  Her selection is a result of her books, publications, lectures, and workshops on democratic new media documentary and her research and programming work on environmental and human rights issues across media and multiple arts for the Finger Lakes Environmental Film Festival at Ithaca College.

This Roster is a list of candidates who are eligible to be matched with incoming project requests from overseas academic institutions for Fulbright Specialists.  Dr. Zimmerman will be considered for projects that require her expertise. 


Syrian president Bashar al-Assad had forced her and her family to flee in terror to country after country, so it wasn’t her anger that was surprising.

It was her age. 

The two pink pom-poms on her sequined beanie hint at an innocence all but gone, and her vengeance is exacted as only a five-year-old knows how.

She picks a fiery red-orange crayon and...


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