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Stephanie KhouryStephanie Khoury

Stephanie speaks about her love of documentary filmmaking and offers advice to high school students.

She also writes about her internship with the 2013 All American High School Film Festival:

The first All-American High School Film Festival (AAHSFF) operated without a glitch. The kick-off weekend, October 4-6, had 1500 attendees, 80 official selections and over 30 Ithaca College volunteers. Being a part of a festival was an invaluable experience, professionally and academically. Working behind the scenes, I was able to see my education apply in multiple and varying situations outside of the traditional documentary production settings.

As an intern I led and managed the social media post and the YouTube page for the AAHSFF. My internship coordinators, Mr. Tom Olivia and Mr. Brian Lindenbaum, provided clear, creative encouragement and guidance on multiple projects.

I was able to apply, expand and develop on my ideas and see them come to reality. With each post or video I was able to see the response, first hand, through social media. Every tweet, like, or repost was a clue and shed insight into the interest of the young filmmakers. I was able to quickly decide what worked and what did not. I loved being able to think on my feet and react to the present situation under highly stressful conditions. It was very similar to decision making when filming documentaries, where I am forced to be observant of those around me.   

The most enjoyable aspect of the festival was working alongside new and familiar faces throughout the event’s weekend. Seeing many of the volunteers from Ithaca College strengthened my pride for IC. On top of that, the support of Park School faculty was encouraging. Being a part of a community that supports and helps one another is just one of the many positive aspects that the Park School community offers to students.

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