Student Driver Safety Class Information

Students must review the Student Driving requirements contained in the Driving College Owned and Rented Vehicles Section  as there are multiple steps in the process to be approved to drive Ithaca College owned, leased and rented vehicles.                                                            

As of 08/04/2014 the mandatory Student Driver Safety Class will ONLY be offered online through United Educators, hereinafter referred to as UE.

*Important: United Educators is a resource to offer driver safety awareness and training; the course is not meant to completely fulfill each institution's needs, but rather it enhances driver awareness.  Please keep in mind that the Ithaca College Driving College Vehicles Policy and the Student Driver Handbook always supersede, so it is important to be familiar policies and procedures.

As an example; below are a few instances where the online training differs:

  • Students are allowed to drive mini-vans that do not exceed a 7 person occupancy limit.
  • College vehicles do not currently have all emergency equipment referenced in the training.
  • Student drivers should not exceed three hours of driving before switching with another driver.

Prior to driving a College owned, rented or leased vehicle, a student must: complete the following in the order listed:

  1. Read the Ithaca College Student Driver Handbook
  2. Become familiar with the Ithaca College Driving College Vehicles Policy.
  3. Take the UE online Safety Class; allow for two (2) hours to register and complete the online Safety Class including the test at the conclusion.
  4. Provide the test grade Transcript from the UE Website to the Office of Risk Management.
  5. Submit a Driver Information Form to Risk Management.

The instructions for accessing the online UE Student Driver class can be found here.

The link for accessing the UE Student Driver class can be found here.