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The Leadership Scholars program recognizes students with a demonstrated record of academic and co-curricular achievements. Students enter the program during their first year at Ithaca College and take on new leadership and involvement challenges every semester until they graduate. Prior to spring break, all graduating Leadership Scholars present a Senior Capstone to highlight who they have become as a leader and a scholar during their time at Ithaca College. The scholars present on a variety of experiences that have helped them develop leadership skills, and this year’s capstones included:

  • 22 scholars presented on their leadership roles in student organizations, teams, or student-run productions
  • 9 highlighted leadership on community service projects
  • 8 spoke about their time studying abroad
  • 5 described paid leadership roles on campus (i.e. RA, EMC or President’s Host)
  • 5 covered what they gained from internships
  • 5 presented on course-related experiential learning activities
  • 3 shared other leadership experiences that broadened their perspectives (such as political campaigns or professional presentations)

The common themes of lessons learned from these experiences included: improved communication skills, enhanced time management and project management skills, increased confidence, appreciation for diversity, understanding the importance of serving the community and selecting meaningful professional development experiences. 

Congratulations to the following outstanding group of seniors. Their leadership has contributed significantly to the Ithaca College community during the past four years:


Gregory Addicott

Morgan Agia

Matthew Bailey-Adams

Joshua Borfitz

Jackelyn Branco

Amber Capogrossi

Alex Cartini

Nicole Coghlan

Sean Cotty

Kevin Dates

John Austin Douillard

Carlene Nora Doyle

Taylor Eike

Eric Flyte

Alyssa Frey

Miranda Gehris

Emily Haff

Nicholas Hall

Lee Henig

Abigail Jenkins

Rhonwen Jones

Emily Junge

Rebecca Kabel

Tiara Kanney

Kristen Kelly

Adam King

Lindsay Kingston

Paige Klingerman

David Klodowski

Chelsey Lavere

Alisha N. Luziani

Jordan A. Mancuso

Ashley Rose McGinnes

Meagan McGinnes

Davisa Mills

Michela Moe

Robert Oldroyd

Taylor Palmer

Thomas Pang

Alexa Perlstein

Elana Radin

Alexandra R. Robinson

Erin T. Smith

Emily Sprague

Emmalouise St. Amand

Rachel Strongin

Kamila Z Swerdloff

Katherine Talay

Ian Vitkus

Chadwick Vonholtz

Elisabeth Wentlent

Lindsey Williams

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In the last few weeks the LGBT Center has helped the campus earn some amazing national recognition.

On February 19, Buzzfeed recognized Ithaca College for LGBT friendliness and quotes one of our students.

More recently in March, NerdScholar (the education division of NerdWallet) has just named Ithaca College "Most Innovative" in terms of LGBTQ initiatives in the nation.  Ithaca College is among six schools in their compiled list of schools that are making innovative changes in support of a more inclusive community.  Ithaca College was highlighted for consistently receiving a perfect rating on the Campus Climate LGBT Friendly Assessment Tool Index, and our LGBT student smoking cessation/prevention initiatives and our Voice and Communication Program for People in the Transgendered Community (a partnership with the Department of Speech Language Pathology and the Speech and Hearing Clinic) received special mention.

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ICC Banner in the Quad

In case you’ve been wondering what Student Affairs and Campus Life Departments were doing during the Fall 2013 semester, here are a couple of highlights:

Intercollegiate Athletics and Recreational Sports

  • Guiding 5 athletic teams to Empire 8 championships
  • Having 2 coaches named Ithaca Journal Coach of the Year
  • Supporting more than 900 students in 42 club sports
  • Hosting more than 85,000 visits to the Fitness Center

Career Services

  • Coordinating a Majors/Minors fair in conjunction with the Academic Advising Center
  • Meeting with 33% more students than in Fall 2012

Counseling and Wellness

  • Holding more than 2250 individual student sessions plus more through 9 group counseling sessions
  • More than 935 of the 400 students who have been reading Student Health 101 have learned something they have applied in their everyday life.
  • The great work of the LGBT Center helped the campus earn a 5 Stars ranking on the Campus Pride index (out of 5 stars) and be named to the top 25 LGBT Friend colleges/universities; the Top 10 trans-friendly colleges and universities and the top 10 LGBT friendly college sports programs.

Hammond Health Center

  • Hosting more than 6900 patient visits
  • Vaccinating 1163 people against the flu (just for Fall – more shots have happened this spring)

Office of Student Engagement and Multicultural Affairs - First Year Experience

  • 158 first year students were inducted into the Oracle Honor society

Office of Student Engagement and Multicultural Affairs – Multicultural Affairs

  • Planning and implementation of MLK Day 2014.  More than 1000 students/faculty/staff attended programs on January 20.  More than 120 students participated in the MLK Day of Service.
  • Coordinated Latino/a Heritage and Native American Heritage months

Office of Student Engagement and Multicultural Affairs – Student Leadership and Involvement

  • More than 173 student organizations are registered and active
  • 136 Student Leadership Institute sessions occurred.

Office of Public Safety and Emergency Management

  • More than 200 Crime Prevention Programs took place with students, faculty and staff

Residential Life

  • More than 1228 first year students are living and learning in the First Year Residential Experience Program
  • 143 First Year Residential Experience programs were offered in coordination with the ICC themes

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Network Nights

Get connected, meet IC alumni & discover new opportunities at Network Nights! Ithaca College alumni and students will gather in January at the 28th annual Network Nights in New York City, Boston, Philadelphia and Syracuse (NY). Sign up to attend for an evening of conversations, food and fun!

Meeting alumni can make a huge difference in your career, whether you are currently looking for a job, internship or career insights. Ithaca College staff and alumni hosts will be in attendance to help introduce you to alumni guests.

Network Night receptions are open to Ithaca College students in all majors and class years.  Light refreshments will be provided & there is no charge to attend. 

Registration is required via your eRecruiting account (look for "network nights" in the upcoming events calendar).  If you're seeking job or internship opportunities, attend the Career & Internship Connections career fairs that also take place this January in NYC, Boston, DC & LA (registration is separate from Network Nights)!

Network Nights are sponsored by the Ithaca College Office of Alumni Relations and the Office of Career Services.

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