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Choosing A Major

Choosing a major is a huge decision that students need to make in college and Career Services is here to help!  By utilizing the resources on this page and working one-on-one with a career counselor and/or a Peer Career Advisor, you will decide on a major that works best for your career goals.

Career assessment tools are available to use with the counseling staff when determined to be appropriate. These will help you to identify a possible academic major as well as a career area that might relate to your values, interest, skills and abilities. The instruments that we use include the Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator and the Strong Interest Inventory.

When deciding upon a major, there are four steps students can take to make an educated decision.

Step 1.  Know Yourself. Explore your values, interests, skills and abilities. Ask youself what you enjoy doing, what you are good at, and what is important to you.

Step 2.  Gather Information and Explore Options. Examine IC's course catalog, visit department web pages or collect printed materials of what the department offers. Set up an appointment with your academic advisor and a professor. Check out What Can You Do With a Major In?  sheets in the Featured Documents section.

Step 3.  Evaluate.  Consider pros and cons of each option.

Step 4.  Take Action. Declare your major!

Below are additional helpful links to use for exploring your major and career path.

Occupational Outlook Handbook-this resource gives you information for hundreds of jobs on the following: training and education, earnings, what you do on the job and where people work

Occupational Information Network (O*Net)-information about different occupations based on skills, interests, abilities, values and knowledge