Parking Appeals Board

This committee is responsible for reviewing all parking appeals.  The Parking Appeals Board is responsible for interpretation of the rules but does not generate rules and regulations.  The committee meets regularly to review appeals and submits its decisions to the Office of Public Safety, which will notify the individual of the Board's decision in writing.  All decisions are final and confidential.

This committee reports to the Senior Associate Vice President for Student Affairs and Campus Life. 

Chair: Crystal Young, Coordinator for Administrative and Operational Support Services, Public Safety and Emergency Management

Members 2013-2014

Jamila Carter, student
Patrick McKeon, faculty council representative, Assistant Professor, Exercise and Sport Sciences
Gary Goss, staff council representative, Assistant Supervisor, Facilities
Don Austin, Assistant Director for Community Service, Office of Student Engagement and Multicultural Affairs
Amy Shippos, Parking Enforcement Assistant, Parking and Traffic Services
Beth O'Neill, Area Coordinator, Residential Life
Kathy Farley, Administrative Assistant, Intercollegiate Athletics