Pre-Professional Graduate Training Program

Graduate interns are considered an integral part of the clinical staff of the Center for Counseling & Psychological Services. Interns provide individual counseling, initial assessments and crisis counseling, and participate in weekly case conference meetings as well as Professional Development. Interns may elect to co-facilitate groups, teach workshops or give classroom presentations, and help with other outreach services. The Ithaca College CAPS takes pride in mentoring new clinicians in the field. Interns are seen as an opportunity for the Center to contribute to the training and development of new clinicians, and we make efforts to protect interns’ schedules and self-care through careful consideration of caseload, client severity, and paperwork responsibilities.

Interns may be supervised by clinical social workers or psychologists who are licensed to practice in New York State. Primary individual supervision is provided weekly for interns. Interns are expected to be on site for 15 hours per week for most academic programs. CAPS works with each intern to tailor the needs of his/her academic program requirements with clinical needs and interests of each intern. Interns are encouraged to consult with all CAPS’ staff throughout his/her time at Ithaca College. CAPS clinicians are passionate about college mental health, the developmental needs of a college population, and helping to mentor new clinicians in this field.

CAPS has had graduate interns from many different academic backgrounds. We typically have had Social Work graduate interns, and only take students in their second year of a Social Work program. Graduate students in Ph.D. programs from counseling, clinical, or other related mental health area are also welcome to apply. We accept applications in January and February of each year for the following fall. Interested interns can send resumes and cover letters to the attention of Dr. Suki Montgomery Hall. Interviews are held during spring semester with the CAPS clinical team.

For more information about the Graduate Internship Training Program, please contact Dr. Suki Montgomery Hall or call 607-274-3136.