Individual counseling

Individual counseling provides an opportunity to learn to make better decisions, improve one's relationships, and generally increase personal effectiveness. With the help of a counselor, a person can explore feelings and express them better, examine beliefs, and work toward making healthy changes.  Individual counseling off-campus is sometimes recommended if a student's counseling goals cannot be met within the limitations of the counseling center's resources.

Group counseling 
Groups are an opportunity for students to explore thoughts, feelings, and relationships with peers in the presence of a professional group leader.  Students often find that group counseling is an important adjunct to individual counseling or, in fact, the treatment of choice for some problems. Students can attend group counseling while engaged in a course of individual counseling, after individual counseling has been completed, or instead of individual counseling.

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Additional groups can be created based on what you need or request.  Please feel free to let us know if you have ideas about groups we could offer!

Call Counseling & Psychological Services (CAPS),  for more information: 607-274-3136.