Diversity and Community

Academic Affairs

The Division of Academic Affairs is primarily responsible for formal aspects of the teaching and learning experience at Ithaca College including courses, curricula, and academic programs.  We value learning opportunities that expand students' understanding of and experience with the many dimensions of diversity, learning which allows our graduates to thrive in today's increasingly diverse and interdependent global community.  In every aspect of our work, we seek to create, sustain and enhance a campus culture of mutual respect, understanding and openness, characterized by continuous learning and engagement with the rich insights and challenges offered by the study of diversity and related issues.

By incorporating diversity into every student's program of study, through ongoing efforts to attract and retain a diverse faculty and staff, and with the clear intention to support the success of all students, we honor the College's overall commitment to enhancing diversity on campus and in the curriculum. 

Student Affairs

The mission of the Division of Student Affairs and Campus Life is to foster the comprehensive growth of students, academic success, and community development by providing learning opportunities and experiences, as well as essential services for all members of the College community.

In order to accomplish that mission, and prepare our students to live in a diverse society and interdependent world, we offer a multitude of programs and activities to create an Ithaca College community that respects and values the many dimensions of diversity that make our campus so vibrant.  We are committed to building a culture of civility, mutual respect, and social justice, and one that values opportunities which are enhanced by our diverse backgrounds, experiences, and points of view.  The services and activities especially provided by the Office of Student Engagement and Multicultural Affairs, Residential Life and Judicial Affairs, the Chaplains, Counseling Center, and the Center for LGBT Education, Outreach, and Services help to achieve our important goals.

In addition, the College's statement on Diversity and Diversity Strategic Plan provide all of us with a foundation to enhance the diverse and inclusive living and learning community that we value and aspire to be.