Fall Welcome Program

IC Move-in


Please park in clearly designated parking spaces at all times. In an emergency, vehicle and traffic obstructions pose a real threat to public safety. On campus, the Office of Public Safety and Emergency Management enforces all College rules and regulations as well as New York State Vehicle and Traffic Laws.

Parking in fire lanes, along roadways, on grass, walkways, sidewalks, or other nondesignated parking areas is prohibited, and violators are subject to fines and towing. The use of fire lanes to load and unload is strictly prohibited at all times, unless prior permission is granted by contacting Public Safety at 607-274-3333.

Mobility-impaired guests requesting parking assistance should visit our website or contact Parking Services at 607-274-3756 during business hours, or public safety's dispatch (after hours and on weekends). 

Vehicles should be parked in the lot listed below while students check-in. 

Athletics and Events Center -- M Lot

A loading/unloading permit will be issued during the check-in process. After students have completed the check-in process, vehicles will be allowed to park closer to residence halls to unload belongings, under the traffic direction of public safety office personnel. Please refer to the campus map for parking lot locations.