IC Move-in

Getting StartedGetting Started
Welcome to Ithaca College!

In order to make the Move-In process as smooth as possible, we've created a handy check-list to make sure you have all the information you need and nothing slips your mind. 

Move-In Checklist:

Also, don't forget to complete final forms:

Get ready for the start of the semester:

  • Please review the brochure from Student Financial Services and Dining Services that elaborates on meal plan choices.  You have two weeks into the semester in which you can switch your meal plan to meet your needs.
  • Learn about alternative transportation options or register your car (limited options for first-year students) with Parking Services before arriving in August.
  • All new students attend Fall Welcome, August 24-August 26, prior to classes starting.
  • August 27 classes begin! (Best wishes for a successful first semester!) 
  • Start reading your First-Year Reading Initiative book and be prepared to discuss content themes when you arrive for the fall semester.