2013 Family Weekend

2013 Family Weekend Highlights

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The 11th Annual First-Year Cabaret was performed this year for an audience of students and family members. The Cabaret is a musical parody of the life as a first-year student performed by first-year students. It was an amazing experience that allowed the talents of several first-year students to be highlighted. The show's program outlined the history of the First-Year Cabaret:


It all began in 2002 with the vision of Brad Forenza, Class of 2004. The First-Year Cabaret started as a mere area-wide program; a social activity for residents of Boothroyd, Rowland, and Tallcott Halls. The event was advertised as a Karaoke night of sorts, where first-year students could showcase their otherwise overlooked talents. After 18 auditioners were cast, shtick was added to transition between songs - shtick pertaining to dorm life, cafeteria food, and other woes of the first year experience. Soon thereafter, costumes, props, and choreography came into the mix. What had been a genial "area-wide program" was not a fully-staged musical extravaganza, just shy of a pyrotechnic display. "Rolling Along" premiered Monday, December 9, 2002 in IC Square. The response to it, from students and staff, ended in a standing ovation and a command performance at Longview, a senior community near the college. The 10th Anniversary show in 2012, written and directed by Julie Sullivan, Class of 2015, provided a show reminiscent of a full-fledged professional play. "In Out Shoes" involved the work of over 40 students and brought an audience of over 300 people during Family Weekend.

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Young Alumni Panel

Family Weekend hosted a Young Alumni Panel late this afternoon where students and family members could ask questions about what to expect over the next four years at IC, what different alumni are now doing after graduation, and how IC can prepare students for the path they choose after college. The young alumni high emphasized getting involved, creating long-term relationships with faculty and staff members, and making sure students take advantage of all of the resources IC has to offer. We would like to thank our young alumni panel for taking the time to come back to campus and talk with the students!

Young Alumni Panel

Zach Klinger
School of Business
Business Development Manager at ChannelEyes

Amanda Schlenker
School of Health Science and Human Performance
Occupational Therapist at Child’s Play Occupational Therapy

Mike Reinemann|
School of Music
Band Director

Lee Ann Hill
School of Humanities and Science
Intern at City of Ithaca Department of Public Works

Marc Phillips
Roy H. Park School of Communications
Marketing Associate at Xasis


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President Rochon

President Rochon addressed students and family members this morning during his session entitled "How to make the Most of the New IC Experience." He highlighted how students can make every moment count by engaging in Ithaca College's integrated academic lifestyle. The Integrative Core Curriculum along with the First-Year Residential Experience creates a 24/7 learning environment where students can learn from their peers, find their support networks, and become lifelong learners. President Rochon shared with the audience his top 8 tips students can take to make every moment count:

  1. Ask not if but when your student last talked to a professor outside of class.
  2. Take advantage of firsthand experience with first-rate experts.
  3. Learn from co-curricular activities.
  4. Not for credit not required (take advantage of guest speakers on campus). Merely powerful.
  5. Ithaca is not the center of the universe! (IC Centers in LA, London, NYC, coming soon China)
  6. Take full advantage of the Academic Advising Center.
  7. Career Services helps students get READY!
  8. Students and parents: Sign up for the IC Mentoring Network


Do not go where the path may lead - go instead where there is no path and leave a trail. -Ralph Waldo Emerson

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Due to the cold, windy weather and possible showers, we have moved the Family Photo Opportunity to the North Foyer of Phillips Hall. We will have a screens set-up with IC gear from the Campus Store to use! Photos will be printed on the spot. Stop by anytime between 9am -1pm!

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The football players gathered with their family and team this morning in Emerson Suites to have breakfast before the game this afternoon. Be sure to go cheer on our Bombers as they take on St. John Fisher at 1pm at Butterfield Stadium. You can pick up your complimentary tickets at the check-in table in the North Foyer of Phillips Hall. 

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