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Tobacco Cessation

Many tools and resources are available for tobacco users who want to quit! There is no single "best" method for tobacco cessation. Check out your options, and choose what you think would work best for you. You can always change approaches later on.

In general, options for tobacco cessation include one or more of the following:

Online tools

Online coaching

Online chat rooms

Telephone coaching

Email reminders

Group Workshops

Personal Counseling

Non-prescription Nicotine Replacement Therapies: Patch, Gum, Lozenge

Prescription Therapies and Medications: Nicotine Inhaler, Nicotine Spray, Chantix, Zyban

On campus, the staff of the Center for Health Promotion can help you get started and provide you with a free Quit Kit. For more information, contact Nancy Reynolds, Program Director, at 607-274-7933 or


Here are some websites, for information, resources, and supplies:

BECOME AN EX-SMOKER: A New Way to Think About Quitting

NYS Quit Site:

LGBT Quit Guide

Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Smoking Cessation site:

American Cancer Society Guide To Quitting Smoking:

American Lung Association- How to Quit Smoking:

Quit Smoking Community:

Turn "some day" into "today." Get started! It's never too late.