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The view from under South Hill, as interpreted by Luca

Posted by Luca Maurer at 8:50PM
leap day

It's Leap Day, that once a quadrennial day that helps our calendar stay on track.  Out for Good has also been pondering all the little things - besides Leap Day - that help keep things on track.  Among them:

  • In this town there are two - count them, two! - campus-based LGBT Center directors.  One here at IC, and one at Cornell.  Just a few weeks ago, we two were in the same place at the same time (and no, this does not cause a tear in the space/time continuum, although that is very funny), facilitating a leadership retreat for a group of amazing students.  How terrific to have a colleague so nearby!  And with this also comes other opportunities not just for the two of us, but also for students.  There are always things LGBT and non-LGBT related, taking place on both campuses, that any student can attend.  We're always thinking about ways we can work together, things students might have in common, and unique opportunities that might be of interest to all students regardless of which Ithaca campus they call home.
  • Campus community members that want to give each other room to grow, learn, and be themselves.  In just the past two weeks I've watched as an outstanding student journalist has worked tirelessly to cover a story about a new program that makes our campus unique, the alumnae who were inspired to help create it, and one of the students who is accessing it.  I've also had the privilege of working alongside IC students who volunteer their time to prepare income tax returns for working families in our community.  They knowledgeably and skillfully provide a needed service that benefits the larger community.  And I've been part of conversations in which current students connect with prospective students, answering questions and providing insight into what it's like to be an IC student.
  • A local area awash in natural beauty.  Lakes, waterfalls, trails, and more, all literally steps from your door.  Fun facts and trivia take on a unique and quirky spin here, too.
  • And so much more.

In this leap year, consider taking a leap - what things have you been meaning to do, but haven't yet found the time?  What helps keep you on track - friends, fun, studying, volunteering?  This year has one extra day - be sure to use it to stay on track, whatever that means to you.

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