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The view from under South Hill, as interpreted by Luca

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Download the LGBT at NCUR 2011 Quick Guide to LGBT-themed conference sessions At-A-Glance!  Or you can also search for sessions using keywords (try LGBT, GLBT, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and homosexual for starters), but we've done the work for you!**  And if you're curious about our unique, caring campus community and the surrounding area in terms of all things LGBT, the LGBT at NCUR 2011 Quick Guide covers that, too - see pages 3 and 4.

And here are FIVE fun, easy, great things to do while you’re here...other than go to some amazing sessions:
1. Send an e-postcard with an LGBT-themed Ithaca College photo back home, or to new friends you've already made here
2. Find out more about local off-campus LGBT resources and services in Ithaca and Tompkins County
3. Come to the LGBTA reception for all NCUR conference-goers and members of the Ithaca College campus communityThursday, March 31st, 4:30-5:30pm, Klingenstein Lounge, Campus Center
4. Go to iTunes and download Ithacappella and Premium Blends’ Firework single that benefits The Trevor Project
5. Watch Ithaca College’s It Gets Better Videos

**And at least one session escaped all our extensive searching for key words - please add it to the list!
Caring for Ourselves: American Individualism and the Need for Expanded Definitions of Marriage in United States Law  Kate Cook - Bowling Green State University Oral Session #2 Thurs 1:35-1:55 p.m.Park Center for Business and Sustainable Enterprise 202

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Ithaca College’s Center for LGBT Education, Outreach & Services will be hosting a reception at NCUR for all LGBTA conference attendees and students at IC. This event will be hosted on Thursday, March 31st from 4:30-5:30 pm in the Klingenstein Lounge of the Campus Center. The reception will give conference attendees and IC students the chance to socialize and network in a comfortable setting with snacks and drinks provided. It will be a great opportunity to meet LGBTA individuals from all over the country! Whether you identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, an ally, or any other label, please come join us to celebrate diversity at NCUR!  And to find a listing of all the NCUR conference sessions on LGBTA themes, check the LGBT NCUR At-A-Glance Quick Guide on this page.  

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harvey milk

Before Milk, before Sean Penn in the starring role, well before co-star James Franco hosted the Academy Awards, there was the real Harvey Milk.  See the documentary that first brought his story to the screen - The Times of Harvey Milk, Wednesday March 23, 7pm in Textor 102.

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