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A couple of things happened today that started me thinking about ways things are connected.  First, I heard that actress Lynn Redgrave had passed away.  Later, as I was walking downtown I saw the marquee on the State Theatre.  And I started thinking about connections.  Ways seemingly unrelated things can come together, in expected and unexpected ways. 

Lynn Redgrave starred in many stage and screen roles, including several with LGBT themes, such as Gods and Monsters (which was directed by Bill Condon who also took on the film Kinsey  - which had as its central theme the groundbreaking research Alfred Kinsey and his team did about sexual orientation...but you may also know Bill Condon's about to direct the next film in the Twilight Saga, too.) 
Gods and Monsters has some interesting connections, too.  It's the story of the director of Frankenstein, Bride of Frankenstein and the Invisible Man.  That director, James Whale, also did something else remarkable in his time - he lived as an out gay man during a time that this was very uncommon. 
But back to Lynn Redgrave and her roles.  She was nominated for an Oscar for her role in Georgy Girl...which got me thinking...hadn't I just been blogging about that film and its title song?  And that's when I saw the State Theatre marquee, which currently tells all the world that country artist Phil Vassar is about play right here in Ithaca.
It seems like just a few days ago I was thinking about Georgy Girl and Phil Vassar, the ways they were quite different yet at the same time rather connected, and the way music -  of all genres and varieties -  helps us interpret and make sense of life.
Things are connected, sometimes in ways we expect, other times not so much.  We all are connected too, and perhaps we've had opportunities to learn about and appreciate this throughout this academic year.  And as thoughts turn to the last few classes, papers, and finals, if you need a study break you can read the Gods and Monsters screenplay in the library, where you'll also find most of the films mentioned here.  Or catch Phil Vassar - he'll be performing at the State Theatre next week.  Maybe he'll even perform the song I wrote about in that old blog post.  And you can find Lynn Redgrave's body of work in film, and in some of her recent guest appearances on television shows that have decidedly LGBT-sensibilities, including Ugly Betty and Desperate Housewives.  There's even the score to the title song Georgy Girl in the Music Stacks.  And perhaps you too will see just how connected these two seemed to me just a short while ago, just before the academic year began.  It's funny how things come around again.



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