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Posted by Luca Maurer at 11:06AM   |  1 comment
sleepy little town

We have a winner in the category "news story least likely to come from my hometown." Two gay students were elected prom king and queen - of my high school. 

It's a school in a sleepy little town at the foot of a majestic mountain range (come to think of it, not unlike South Park).  (In oh so many ways...)

Back then, it was not a very safe place for LGBT students.  I even remember a sympathetic teacher who encouraged us to literally flee that place in order to save our lives.  We LGBT students got as far away from there as possible, as quickly as possible.  Some left the moment they could.  Others left a little bit sooner than that, opting to accelerate their studies, or to drop out entirely.  Some left seeking more supportive communities, others simply wanted to be left alone and live somewhere - anywhere -  free from bullying.

As I read this unlikely news story further, I learned that school administrators support the students, and that the town will celebrate it's first ever LGBT Pride event later in the month.  It seems it only took forty one years for Stonewall pride to make it to my hometown. 

Since I left that town, I've stayed in touch with a few of my high school friends.  We've shared laughs and jokes, mostly at the expense of that place.  We've thanked our lucky stars, good timing, and guardian angels for delivering us safely to new communities that embrace and welcome us. 

I've also met many current college students, who tell tales of having lived in similar small towns, and attended similar high schools.  Some of these students are sad or angry about the experiences they had.  Many vow never to return, despite other strong ties that might draw them back - family, friends, a favorite hangout or pizza place or beautiful park or landmark.  To all of them, I now say things can change.  Sometimes it takes a long time - for instance, forty one years.  But one day you may wake up to learn your sleepy little town is having a Pride parade, or electing LGBT students reigning monarchs of the prom.  Congratulations, Charlie and Timmy, enjoy your victory, your upcoming graduation, and your very first hometown Pride parade!

1 Comment

There is progress everywhere you look. It doesn;t come as quickly as one would like and it doesn;t come without effort, but it happens. It sounds, Lis, like it is time for you to return to your sleepy little town for a high school reunion!

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