Office Confidentiality

The Office of Residential Life requires the highest ethical standard of its staff. It is imperative, therefore, that every staff member of Residential Life conduct himself or herself in a manner which reflects the utmost professionalism with strict confidentiality crucial to that effort.

Ithaca College's students, their parents, its faculty and administrative personnel must have absolute confidence that all matters handled within this department are conducted without public disclosure. Whatever may be discussed, discovered, or revealed during the course of regular business within the Office of Residential Life is confidential including the seemingly mundane.

All information referenced, each request received and any personal situation with which this department deals is not to be disclosed nor divulged in any manner. And, since this office is frequented by individuals who are not part of our Residential Life staff, any discussion of confidential matters between staff should never be undertaken where or when non-staff members might overhear.