As an Office Assistant …

  • BE PROFESSIONAL: You are expected to act as any business professional to promptly and courteously greeting walk-ins, answer incoming calls, and complete your assigned tasks effectively.
  • BE RESPONSIBLE: Being at work when you are scheduled is the most basic expectation of any employee. There will be unexpected situations which make it impossible for you to be here on time or at all (e.g., sudden illness, last-minute domestic emergencies, transportation breakdowns), but it is your responsibility to attend any scheduled meeting, to find another OA to cover your work shift for any foreseeable circumstance, and to provide the details of any absence to your supervisor in writing.
  • COMMUNICATE EFFECTIVELY: Each OA is expected to listen well, speak clearly and to be certain the customer understands before sending him or her on their way. Every member of our staff expects to be apprised of who is being referred to them and why before a caller or visitor is presented for their attention. All of us expect full and complete details to accompany any message or incomplete task that is necessary to pass along.
  • DRESS APPROPRIATELY: Business casual is the minimum acceptable office attire for all members of our departmental staff: clean and neat with no tears in clothing or slogans referencing alcohol, drugs or sex. You should wear comfortable shoes and outerwear appropriate to the weather since your duties can and often do take you outdoors.
  • KNOW YOUR Ps, Ds & Fs: It is essential that every OA know or know where to find Residential Life's Policies and Procedures, your routine Duties as well as our Departmental Personnel. Our students, parents and college staff rely on you to provide them Facts about our residential Facilities, Forms and Processes.