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SLC Spotlight

SLC SpotlightSLC Spotlight
Lia Munoz

Major: Politics

Who is your favorite actor?
John Kransinski (The Office)

What is your favorite color?
Lilac purple

What is your favorite song?
River and Roads by the Head and the Hearts

What motivated you to apply to become a Student Leadership Consultant?
I wanted to work in a positive atmosphere that allowed me to be creative and develop my leadership skills. I knew that this position would provide me with those opportunities. Little did I know that I would grow so much and find what I wanted to do for the rest of my life!

If you could dedicate a full year to working for a social justice cause, what would that cause be? I would dedicate it to helping women and children who have suffered from domestic violence. In so many societies women and children are forced into silence and I would love to take time to work to give them a voice.

What is your favorite OSEMA related event you participated in? Why?
My favorite OSEMA event has been the Cross-Cultural Leadership Retreat. It gave me a chance to meet some truly amazing individuals as well as learn about my own identity.