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SLC Spotlight

SLC SpotlightSLC Spotlight
Lindsey Smith

Major: Television & Radio

What is your favorite dessert?
Chocolate or coffee ice cream with Oreos

What is your favorite color?

Who are your favorite singers?
Dave Matthews and Beyoncé

What is one way that you made connections with other students during your first year?
I spent a lot of time in the Student Activities Center (SAC). I became involved in a few student organizations each semester because I didn’t want to spread myself too thin. I was able to dedicate myself, explore my passions and build friendships with people interested in the same things as me.

If you could dedicate a full year to working for a social justice cause, what would that cause be?
I would work in a program that supported child education. I would research ways to build a sustainable program by traveling and analyzing different systems and their impact on children.

What is your favorite OSEMA related event you participated in? Why?
Leadership Weekend! I participated my first year. It was a great introduction to OSEMA. It fueled my creativity and presented an opportunity for mentorship. This year, I was one of the Facilitators of Leadership Weekend. I was able to speak with students about their experiences and learn more about them through reflections and journaling.