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SLC Spotlight

SLC SpotlightSLC Spotlight
Ayesha Patel

Major: Psychology
Minor: Neuroscience

What is your favorite book?
In Cold Blood by Truman Capote

Who is your favorite actor?
Leonardo DiCaprio

What is one food you could never give up?
Ice cream

Why did you choose your major?
I’ve always been interested in the human mind and why we do the things we do, so Psychology was an easy choice. After taking a couple classes, I also developed a passion for the brain, so Neuroscience was the perfect addition to my major. I hope to eventually conduct research that would help find answers to psychological disorders that have an effect many lives such as depression.

What motivated you to apply to become a Student Leadership Consultant?
OSEMA is my second home. I spend a lot of time in the Student Activities Center already, and SLC was a position I’ve been attracted to since my first-year. I love how being an SLC gives you the chance to empower yourself and empower others, so it has been a very rewarding job for me.

If you could dedicate a full year to working for a social justice cause, what would that cause be?
I would strive to educate people about healthcare.