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SLC Spotlight

SLC SpotlightSLC Spotlight
Carter Smalley

Major: Integrated Marketing & Communications

What is your favorite color?
My favorite color is Red because when I was younger, there was a red power ranger named Carter. I liked this because the Red Ranger was usually the leader of the group. It’s ironic how it’s factoring into my life now as a Student Leadership Consultant.

What is one food you could never give up?
I could never give up French fries. They are my junk food of choice in any situation.

What is your favorite song?
My favorite song right now is Lay Me Down by Sam Smith. Sam Smith is an up and coming UK artist who is taking America by storm right now.

Why did you choose your major?
I chose Integrated Marketing Communications because I wanted to study something that would give me a vast selection of employment options in different industries.  When I come to college, I didn’t know what I wanted to do and tried the IMC on a whim and I love it.

What motivated you to apply to become a Student Leadership Consultant?
I applied to be a Student Leadership Consultant because I was looking for a way to become more involved on campus. I also wanted to work somewhere on campus on where I would have constant interaction with students. I also wanted to strengthen my leadership skills as well as learn how to work in an office environment.

What is your favorite OSEMA related event you participated in? Why?
My favorite OSEMA event is Jumpstart because it was an amazing way to start college on the right note. I was able to develop my leadership skills, conquer a fear and make friends all at the same time.