Student Organizations

Organization Funding Sources

Fundraised Dollars

Student organizations may raise funds. Funds may be deposited into a student organization’s Ithaca College account at the cashier window on the third floor of Egbert Hall in the Campus Center. Student organizations should use the Deposit Slip found on IC Link

Checks must be made payable to "Ithaca College" – checks made out to a student organization will not be honored. Cash and checks should be deposited immediately upon receipt to ensure their safe handling.  Student organizations must write their account numbers on each check deposited. All funds should be sorted and counted prior to their deposit.

Funds raised by most student organizations during the academic year that are not spent may roll over for use in the next academic year. “Rolled funds” from the previous year must be spent by the end of the current academic year. Funds may not roll for longer than one year without the permission of the Office of Student Engagement and Multicultural Affairs.

Gifts and Donations

When an organization outside of IC gives funds to an organization that are not in return for goods supplied or services rendered, it may be considered a donation. Donations do not cover participation expenses for a specified individual.

Donations should not be deposited directly into a student organization’s Ithaca College account. Donation checks should be written to “Ithaca College” and should be brought directly to the Student Organization Business Specialist in OSEMA for processing. Ithaca College must process gifts and donations differently, but the funds will be available for use by the student organization.

Funds from within Ithaca College

Departments across campus often co-sponsor events or allocate funding to student organizations for specific programs. Student organizations may receive co-sponsorship funds from Ithaca College entities. Please provide contact information for the Student Organization Business Specialist to the account manager of the source account (where funds are coming from) once funds have been approved by the source department. The Student Organization Business Specialist and the account manager of the source department will work together to arrange the transfer of funds. Do not provide account information directly to another department. 

Student Government Association

Each year, the Vice President of Student Affairs and Campus Life budgets Ithaca College funds for student organization initiatives. This money is reserved for the exclusive use of student organizations and is allocated by the Student Government Association (SGA). To be eligible for SGA funding, a student organization must complete the registration process and have an Ithaca College account through the Office of Student Engagement and Multicultural Affairs.

The SGA Budget Committee considers funding requests from student organizations throughout the academic year and makes allocations after carefully considering proposals, initiatives' potential impact on the out-of-class experience, and other Ithaca College resources that might be available. For more information, please contact the Student Government Association at

Residence Hall Association

The Residence Hall Association receives an allocation from Ithaca College to support student life initiatives and may also be a source of funding for student organizations. For more information, please e-mail