Student Organizations

Student Organization Recognition Process

Recognition process is the process through which Ithaca College officially recognizes student organizations as a part of the college community. Each student organization – new and returning – must receive recognition with the Office of Student Engagement and Multicultural Affairs every year.

The Student Organization Recognition Process is now closed!

A complete list of recognized student organization can be found Here.

The recognition process for 2014-2015 is from August 27, 2014-March 6, 2014. Student organizations that are not recognized may not advertise, use Ithaca College resources, or make venue reservations until their recognition is completed.

To become a recognized student organization at Ithaca College each student organization, new and returning, must meet the following requirements::

  1. Complete registration form on OrgSync
    Complete those steps. (This form will be available August 27, 2014.)

  2. Have 10 active members (4 officers- 1 presiding officer; 1 finance manager)

  3. A full time Ithaca College employee must agree to be the adviser by signing an Adviser Agreement  approving your recognition submission

  4. A Constitution that states the mission statement, membership and the discrimination clause 

  1. Complete the Officer Requirement
          Student Organization officers are required to receive training. Officers can read the student organization guidebook. To confirm the training has been completed the four main officers are required to score 100% on their selected quizzes.

    • The three officers are required to complete the officer quiz.

    • All Treasurers are required to complete the treasurer quiz

If you have any questions throughout this process please  contact the OSEMA office 607-274-3222.

New Clubs
To register a new general student organization you must schedule a meeting with a Student Leadership Consultant, Office of Student Engagement and Multicultural Affairs.

To setup a meeting please contact the Office of Student Engagement and Multicultural Affairs at 607-274-3222 or stop by Egbert 325.

Recognized student organizations have the ability to create:

  1. Create and have an OrgSync profile- giving you access to resources.

  2. Access to resources and services offered by Ithaca College:

    • The ability to reserve facilities on campus, with minimal or no rental charge, for meetings and programs.

  3. Solicit on campus:

  4. Travel and represent Ithaca College at conferences and programs.

  5. Use “Ithaca College” in their names.

  6. Apply for funding through Ithaca College.

  7. Use the Student Activities Center and all resources found in the facility:

    • Apply for storage in the student organization storage cabinets or in free of charge off campus storage.

Failure to comply with policies implemented by the Office of Student Engagement and Multicultural Affairs and/or Ithaca College may result in the loss of recognition byy the student organization or other disciplinary action.