Student Organizations

Ways to Access Student Organization Funds

Ithaca College Credit Cards

Recognized student organizations may request to use an Ithaca College credit card to make purchases. Students may request a credit card via the Credit Card Request Form on Orgsync under the Club Hub: Student Organization portal. A credit card request is not approved until the requested date provided on the request. Once a credit card request has been approved, the credit card will be available for pick up in OSEMA. All borrowed credit cards should be returned to OSEMA within two (2) business days after borrowing and must include an itemized receipt for each purchase made with the credit card. An itemized receipt lists all of the items purchased. If a student fails to include an itemized receipt, they will lose credit card borrowing privileges for the remainder of the semester. Additionally, any student found to be misusing Ithaca College credit cards may be held financially liable for unauthorized purchases.

Credit cards available for student use may not be used for travel related expenses including, but not limited to gasoline purchases, registration expenses, hotel expenses (including restaurants at local hotels), and vehicle rentals. To pay for expenses related to off-campus travel, please contact the Student Organization Business Coordinator.


Reimbursing Out-of-Pocket Expenses, Paying Invoices or Contracts

Reimbursement for Out-of-Pocket Expenses
If an organization member is unable to secure a credit card, they may choose to make purchases from their personal funds and request to be reimbursed with their student organization funds. Expenditures may not be reimbursed unless an itemized receipt has been provided. Ithaca College is a tax-exempt institution therefore individuals will not be reimbursed for taxes paid. If the total on the receipts included tax, please subtract the tax from the amount. Reimbursements should be requested within 2 weeks of the initial transaction.

Payments for Invoices or Contracts
An organization may have to make payments for goods or professional services, such as paying performers, purchasing t-shirts or large supply orders, DJ payments, etc. Supporting documentation is required when requesting payments be made using student organization forms and usually comes in the form of an invoice or a contract. An invoice is typically issued for merchandise of some kind where payments for professional services always requires a contract.

Student organizations that need a contract for an upcoming event are required to contact the Assistant Director of Student Involvement in OSEMA as soon as possible. Students or advisers are not permitted to sign a contract on behalf of student organization. The Assistant Director of Student Involvement will aid the organization with managing the contract and signing for payment. It is important to plan ahead when issuing payment for professional services.

Making Donations

Donations can only be made from an organization’s raised and rolled over funds. This is to ensure that Ithaca College, as a non-profit institution, is not making a donation, as it is not legal to do so. A student organization may donate their funds by submitting a Donation Request Form. The Donation Request Form may be accessed on the Club Hub: Student Organization portal on OrgSync. No additional documentation is required. Donations may take up to two (2) weeks to process.Student organizations should submit a donation letter with their request form to communicate that the donations represents the opinions, views, and desires of the student organization – not Ithaca College.

Petty Cash Banks

Student organizations may request a petty cash bank to be able to make change when conducing sales transactions. Petty cash banks are disbursed by  CFCU Community Credit Union located on the 3rd floor of Egbert Hall. To request a petty cash bank, student organizations must complete the Petty Cash Fund Request/Return form, submit to the Student Organizations Business Coordinator in OSEMA to confirm the student organization has the funds in their account. The Student Organizations Business Coordinator will approve and email the form to for final approval.  Once approved, this form will be emailed to CFCU who will use this signed form as authorization to disburse the funds. Cashiering Services staff will notify the student organization member who made the request when the petty cash bank is ready to pick-up. Students must be sure to bring your Ithaca College I.D. for verification when picking up the funds at CFCU

Purchasing Gift Cards/Prizes:

Gift cards may not be purchased without prior approval from the Student Organizations Business Coordinator. Ithaca College policy requires students to follow specific procedures when purchasing/gifting gift cards.

  • When a gift card is awarded as a prize, the receiver is required to sign a prize receipt (available on OrgSync).

  • A gift card cannot be used or awarded for any establishments that sell alcohol

  • Any items containing alcohol cannot be purchased with student organization funds, whether the funds are IC Funds or Raised Funds.

  • Gift cards may not be used as payment in return for goods or services.

  • All gift cards must be approved by the Student Organization Business Coordinator. Student Organizations that purchase unapproved gift cards may result in loss of credit card privileges.

A prize receipt must be signed for any prize or gift, including non-gift card prizes.

Student organizations who give out cash prizes at events should note that all cash awards (prizes) to faculty, staff, and students must be awarded with the notation that the recipient bears all tax liabilities for the cash payment as if it were income.