Student Organizations

Student Organization Travel

Approving Student Travel

Traveling is a very exciting opportunity for your organization. “Travel” is defined as any time a student organization leaves Ithaca for organization-related business. All travel you are planning must first be approved by the Student Organization Business Specialist in OSEMA, so it is very important that you plan ahead of time. Before making any kind of arrangements or decisions, meet with the Student Organization Business Specialist.

Planning Before Departure

Each student traveling with a student organization must submit a Travel Participation Form. Additionally, one completed Travel Authorization Form must be submitted to the Office of Student Engagement and Multicultural Affairs for each travel occurrence. These must be submitted at least five business days in advance of any student organization trip.

If there are any expenses or payments associated with a student organization’s travel, they must be communicated well in advance of the travel to the Student Organization Business Specialist. For example, many trips involve registration expenses, lodging costs, meals, gas, tolls, and related supplies. The Student Organization Business Specialist will facilitate the process of payment that best accommodates each specific trip.

Student organizations that have been authorized for travel may reserve Ithaca College's rental vehicles. In order to rent an IC Vehicle, organizations should submit a Vehicle Request Form. IC Vehicles are available only on a first-come, first-served basis. It is critical that organizations plan ahead if they intend to rent Ithaca College vehicles. Students wishing to operate a rented vehicle must be 21+ years of age and submit a Driver Information Form, be approved by the College's insurance company, and successfully complete a mandatory, two-hour driver safety class offered by the Office of Risk Management. Please see the Office of Risk Management for more details about operating rented vehicles, and to find a list of dates for the driver safety class.

Considerations During Travel

Keep all your receipts! You will not be reimbursed for payments if you do not collect and submit receipts. In addition, you will be required to track down any receipts missing for purchases made on an IC Credit Card. You must meet with the Student Organization Business Specialist within seven business days of your return. Failure to do so may result in the forfeiting of any reimbursements and will jeopardize your organization's Ithaca College account.

Ithaca College is a tax-exempt institution: individuals will not be reimbursed for taxes paid. Tax Exemption Certificates are available on IC Link for use in states that recognize them.

Ithaca College VISA cards for use by student organizations may not be used for travel expenses. For assistance in making transactions related to your trip, please contact the Student Organization Business Specialist in the Office of Student Engagement and Multicultural Affairs.

If you stayed at a hotel, please request a print-out of your expenses and return it to the Student Organization Business Specialist. Often, the hotel will not give you a breakdown of expenses unless you ask for one. Please remember that personal expenses such as in-room movies, room service, internet, and health club fees are not reimbursable and are the responsibility of the individual using them.

In case of an emergency during your trip, please contact your Faculty/Staff Adviser and the Assistant Director for Student Involvement immediately.

Completing the Travel Process

Student organizations must meet with the Student Organization Business Specialist within five business days of participants’ return to discuss transactions and any outstanding requirements. All receipts for travel reimbursements must be submitted with a Transaction Request Form at one time within five business days of the participants’ return from the approved trip. Only expenses incurred for approved travel will be reimbursed. Receipts submitted for unapproved travel expenses will not be honored.