Group Exercise

Iyengar Yoga

Although not an introductory class, the Inyengar yoga class is still suitable for beginners and for those with more experience. It is taught from the Iyengar principles of Yoga, meaning that precise alignment and understanding of the poses is taught to tailor them to the flexibility and capability of the participants. Iyengar Yoga is both challenging and soothing, offering a deep understanding of the body and mind through consistent practice and learning. Props such as blocks, blankets and straps are used to create ease and safety. It should be attended like an academic class, meaning that it is progressive and builds from day one. The art of breathing and meditation will be touched upon in this class.

Iyengar classes are open to Ithaca College Faculty and Staff only. If you are interested in signing up please contact Sean Reilley or Brad Buchanan.