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Badminton Doubles TournamentBadminton Doubles Tournament
Doubles Tournament

Entries Due:  Wednesday, February 12th @ 2:00pm
Forfeit Bond Due:  Wednesday, February 12th @ 2:00pm, Hill Center 103B
Mandatory Captain/Rep Meeting:  None
Tournament Plays: Sunday, February 16th @7pm, Hill Center Gym 3.
Forfeit Bond Price:  One bond at $10.  Cash or check accepted.  Make all checks to "Ithaca College".  Show up to play and you receive your bond back that night.

So you think you know your badminton?

We are excited to bring the sport of badminton to you for Spring!  Serve and smash your way through a one night tournament and be the king and queen birdie!  Play doubles, males, females, even mixed doubles!

Smashing, baby!!