About IC Intramurals

Each year approximately 20% of IC students participate in our intramural programming. Our primary offerings include 5-7 week leagues in a variety of sports including soccer, volleyball, flag football, and basketball, in addition to single day events such as tennis tournaments and battleship. All people are welcome to join – there are no tryouts, just an online sign-up through With Pro and Semi-pro leagues, all abilities are welcomed and encouraged to try something new. Intramural sports change every block, or twice per semester. A complete list of offerings by block is available under the Intramurals main page. Check it out, and sign up!


For most activities, we offer a men’s division, women’s division, and a co-recreational division. We also offer two different levels of competition within the divisions, pro and semi-pro. The pro divisions are for individuals who tend to be more skilled and competitive while semi-pro divisions are for those who want a more casual experience. Within one activity, participants may choose to compete on a men’s or women’s team in addition to a co-recreational one for either pro or semi-pro. The only limitations on team sign-ups is that the number does not exceed the maximum a league can accommodate, and that you are not on two teams that will compete against each other.

We typically run two or more activities concurrently, and individuals are encouraged to participate in multiple activities and join multiple teams.

The format for most of our leagues is a round robin schedule of five games followed by a single elimination tournament.  Every team makes the playoffs unless they forfeit two games.


Indoor intramural activities may be played in Hill Center, the Fitness Center, or Glazer Arena in the A&E Center:
Monday – Thursday nights from 7:00pm – 1:00am,
Friday 6:00pm - 9:00pm,
Saturday 2:00 pm - 9:00pm,
Sunday from 2:00pm – 1:00am.

Outdoor intramural activities may be played on the Allen Fields, Emerson Field, Yavits Field, or Higgins Turf Field:
Weekdays from 4:00pm until dark,
Weekends from 11:00am until dark.

All playing times are subject to activity, semester, and availability.


For more information on activities, format, facilities, or open positions for officiating or fieldwork, please email