About Us

Ithaca College is a residential institution and guarantees each of its students on-campus housing for the entirety of their undergraduate career. Additionally, students are required to live on-campus for their freshmen, sophomore, and junior years. See the Residency Policy for more complete information.

Approximately 4,395 students live on campus in 27 traditional residence halls and two apartment complexes. The traditional residence halls are divided into four major residential areas: the Quads, the Towers, the Terraces, and Emerson Hall. Each of these areas offers housing for both new and returning students in a combination of single and double rooms. Emerson Hall is comprised of double rooms and a limited number of triple rooms, all with private bathrooms. Triple rooms in Emerson Hall are reserved for students with special needs.

The two apartment complexes are the Ithaca College Circle Apartments and the Garden Apartments. Both apartment complexes house returning students in apartments that can accommodate up to six residents.

The Office of Residential Life has 9 full-time Residence Directors and one Community Director who live in the residence halls and apartment areas along with the students. We also employ 116 Resident/Apartment Assistants, returning students who live on the floors and help to develop community, plan programs, answer questions, and generally serve as a resource for the residents living on their floor. In addition to these live-in staff members, the Residential Life office employs Area Coordinators, Assistant and Associate Directors, and others who work in the Central and Area offices.

If you have any questions regarding the information you read here, please call the Office of Residential Life at (607) 274-3141. For housing related questions or concerns, e-mail housing@ithaca.edu. For room rates, consult the Undergraduate and Graduate Costs information maintained by the Office of Student Financial Services.