Message from the Director for Public Safety

Students, faculty, staff, guests and visitors have the right to expect our campus to be a safe environment for them to live, learn, teach and work.

The Office of Public Safety and Emergency Management (Public Safety) team at Ithaca College is committed to bringing safety and security awareness to the forefront of your day to day activities because a safe and secure environment requires resolve and response by all community members at all times.  


Consistent with our mission, vision, and strategy, Public Safety is committed to promoting campus-wide safety in a participatory manner that advances community cooperation and support. Together, in fervent partnership with the community we serve, we can minimize (and in some instances remove) the opportunities for crime to occur on our campus. 


Please commit to the significant responsibility that you share for your personal safety and the safety of those around you by finding time to review the crime prevention and crime awareness information contained in our Annual Security and Fire Safety Report.    


On behalf of the entire Public Safety team, we thank you for making a difference.


Terri  Ae. Stewart
Director and Chief